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Fashion Guide As Easy as 1, 2, III Points!

Last year was my first experience at III Points and I remember the first thing I did when I found out I was going, was Google what the hell to wear. I had heard about III Points and I thought it seemed like this super cool hipster-type concert people boast about all year, but I literally had no idea what the hell to wear. In case you don’t live in Miami and don’t know what III Points is, it’s a music arts and technology festival that was ...

Skin is IN

Oh Monday’s… you gotta love ’em! They’re an opportunity to be goal-oriented and kick some ass for the rest of the week-but let’s be honest, it’s the most dreaded day of the week. That’s why not too long ago I decided to pamper myself every Monday night, kind of like a reward for being a #GirlBoss. If you’re anything like me, then you’re always on the run with not enough time to prep and care for your skin ...

WRAP it up!

Am I the only that’s been obsessing over denim and chambray lately? I mean, I know it was a complete fashion faux-pas some years back but I am all about the statement fabric now (of course without making the Britney and J.T. denim mistake of the century! LOL) One of my favorite go-to outfits is my denim wrap dress, which is definitely the IT dress of the moment. Having been immortalized by the respectable Diane von Furstenberg in the 1970’s ...
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[SPECIAL] Swim Week SEAsun

Oh Swim Week. Probably one of the most anticipated, loved, and definitely most draining five days Miamians experience. Every year seems to be different than the last, and I’m not just talking about the designs. Swim Week has been a topic for many, ever since it cut off its ties with IMG and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in 2015 and quickly became Miami Swim Week. Influencers and reporters alike were heard saying how drastically the event ...
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Color POP!

It’s summertime and if there’s anything we don’t want is to feel like our face is melting from all the makeup we’re wearing. That’s why my go-to look this summer has been simple makeup and a pop of color! Nothing says summer like a bright, clean-cut, vibrant lippie paired with minimal and effortless makeup. Check out my favorite top 5 lipsticks below! ♡
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Damage Control

So in case you haven’t checked out my transformation miscalculation post (here). I went through a girl’s worst nightmare, where I did a collaboration with a hair salon to get some lighter locks, and my hair ended up completely damaged and nearly falling off.   It was a complete nightmare to be honest with you. My hair kept falling out, it was extremely dried out, and the split ends from the chemical damage was appalling.  I was eager ...
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Transformation Miscalculation

DISCLAIMER: This article was originally supposed to be a step-by-step of my summer hair transformation collaboration with Glam Lounge Miami, but instead I wanted to share with you all my experience with Glam Lounge. When I started this blog, I promised myself and my readers that I would stand out from the rest and promised my readers I would keep the integrity of my blog and be incredibly honest with any collaboration or reviews that I do. ...
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Leftovers of my Past

This post is a bit difficult for me to write, but at the same time therapeutic in a sense where I am forced to face my reality.   I have suffered from what I think is body dysmorphia ever since I can remember, and I think part of that has to do with the amount of pressure that is force fed to us as young girls because we have to look a certain type of way to be or feel accepted. As many of you might know, I had lost 105lbs and have ...

#GirlBoss 2017

Happy New year my lovelies! Yes, I know I’m two weeks out but it’s still a new year, right? Two weeks and most of us are still trying to hold onto our new year’s resolutions, and even though I find a lot of that ‘new year, new me’ stuff kind of ineffectual, I still think that we should make the most of them and celebrate our goals no matter how big or small. A new year, a new day, means that it’s time to refocus on ourselves and embrace our ...

Hair Magic

Okay ladies, let’s get real for a second. Have you ever taken a moment to think about how important your hair really is to you? I mean really. Ever since we were young the idea of perfect hair has always been pushed into our minds. I, for one, wished almost every day to have hair like Princess Jasmine- straight, thick and luxurious. But let’s be real, my Latina genes didn’t allow my frizzy soft curls to turn into Disney perfect hair, even ...